Insurance restoration:

When your business has to make a claim it costs you time and money. At GXS, we want to get your company back on track as soon as possible. Our company is equipped with a team of experienced tradesmen, contractors, and an honest office staff. GXS has worked on ASU’s campuses, music halls, Race Car shops, radio towers and much more. Call us today to schedule an estimate.

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Tenant Improvements:

The office space is where the most amount of an employee’s time is spent. To ensure the highest work performance bring your office up to date with the latest office technology and smart equipment. Tenant improvements can happen in any office space, an improvement helps the overall appeal to your company while motivating employees. GXS can change any boring office space to a reimagined ideal place to work!


No matter the company in the building GXS can remodel it. GXS has worked on ASU’s campus, music halls, Racecar shops, radio towers and much more. With the experience of over 23 years in commercial remodels GXS can turn any boring commercial property into a magnificent place of work. Remodeling a commercial building adds greater curb appeal, makes customers want to go to your building, lastly remodels can make your company look beyond its value.

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New builds:

Building your own commercial building gives you complete control to optimize your office’s productivity and satisfy all your business needs. Call us today to set a consultation to get a rendering of your new building!